Q: What is the CSCCU?
A: The Consortium of Southern California Colleges and Universities is a nonprofit alliance of more than seventy fully accredited institutions of higher learning. Member institutions offer individual courses, certificate programs, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and/or doctoral degree programs for the adult learner.

Q: What is the purpose of the CSCCU?
A: The primary purpose of the Consortium is to connect working adults, their employers, and their college counselors with accredited Southern California colleges and universities that offer programs designed to meet the educational and scheduling needs of busy adult learners. Consortium member institutions cater to the unique needs of adults.
The Consortium also seeks to promote communication and collaboration in the field of adult education and to foster dialog between higher education and regional leaders in business and industry.

Q: How will your employees benefit from the CSCCU?
A: There are abundant education opportunities for working adults in Southern California. However, researching the programs best-suited to meet an individual’s educational goals and scheduling requirements is a time-consuming endeavor. The Consortium can expedite and simplify this process by serving as a single resource designed to quickly connect adult learners with all their educational options.

Q: How can the CSCCU reach your employees?
A: The most exciting way for the CSCCU to reach your employees is by organizing a free Education Fair at your company. At the Fair, the Consortium will provide employees with information from many member institutions.
The CSCCU also provides free access to its online database of Southern California schools and colleges that offer degree programs designed for working adults. Your employees can search this database for options and then connect with counselors from each program.

Q: What exactly is an Education Fair?
A: An Education Fair convenes representatives from 20 or more colleges and universities at a corporate or community location. Each school has a table to display brochures and other materials. Prospective students can gather information and speak with counselors from the participating institutions. CSCCU Education Fairs are free.
Education Fairs are typically held in company cafeterias, corporate lobbies or in other areas easily accessible to employees. Fairs are held on workdays, usually for two or three hours.

Q: How will your organization benefit from hosting an education fair?
A: Hosting an Education Fair is an easy way for your organization to demonstrate its interest in higher education and professional development.

Q: What is involved in hosting an education fair?
A: The host organization is responsible for scheduling the date and time for the fair, providing the location for the fair, furnishing the room with tables and chairs for the school representatives, and promoting the fair to employees. The Consortium does the rest.
We are responsible for contacting and inviting all school representatives, providing a coordinator who will work as a liaison between the Education Fair host and the CSCCU, and assisting the host, if requested, with preparation for and promotion of the Education Fair.
The Education Fair is free to the host organization and its employees.

Q: Whom may I contact for more information or to schedule an Education Fair at my organization?
A: Please send an email to exec@edfair.org
A member of the CSCCU Board of Directors will respond to your inquiry.